Cooling Tea

In summer months, we need to continue to protect ourselves from the heat, but without getting our vata upset with a strong cold input.

Here is a simple tea to drink in the warm months to help cool and relax the Liver, harmonize digestion and decrease stress. It is great for students and workaholics or those who have a tendency to over-focus and may experience headaches, eye strain, tension or pain. It is especially helpful for insomnia and anxiety.

The herbs in this tea are sweet to neutral, safe and nourishing to Liver, Spleen and Heart. (Stomach and Lung, too, but I digress). Kids even like it. Truly, the beauty of the ingredients as you watch them swirl and brew in the water will soothe your pitta before you even bring it to your lips!

Stay Cool Tea

Chrysanthemum Flowers (Ju Hua), a big handful
Longan Fruit (Long Yan Rou), a small handful
Red Dates (Da Zao), a small handful
Lycium Berries (Gou Qi Zi),

Soak or at least rinse herbs in fresh water. Longan, Red Dates and Lycium can be soaked for 4 hours or overnight. If organic, the flowers and fennel seeds do not need to be soaked. If not organic, at least soak the chrysanthemum for 10 minutes in fresh, cool water.

Place herbs in a large jar or other vessel. Pour hot water over them and allow to steep. Drink warm, even on a hot day.

Ingredients can be easily procured from your local Chinese herbalist's shop or Asian food store. Use organic or responsibly grown sources when possible.