Sinus Relief

This topical paste is an effective homemade herbal formulation to help rid the sinuses of gunky, stuck, infected congestion using herbs many people have present in the household already: a few leaves of fresh basil, torn into smaller pieces 2-3 whole cloves a pinch of dry ginger

Place these in a mortar and pestle and work it until you have something like a paste. First, the leaves will just bruise and you'll wonder if it will come together at all. Then, they will start to come apart a bit and combine with the other herbs.

You may need to add a few drops of water. If you add too much liquid, it won't stick to your face at all. In fact, no matter how diligently you work the herbs, it will be a pretty rough poultice anyway. Don't worry, it will still be effective.

Apply the compound directly to the skin over stuffed sinuses. Watch out! It can be a bit hot, especially for those with sensitive skin. When you feel some sting on your skin, it is best to remove it to prevent irritation. It doesn't take long for the medicine of these plants to penetrate and provide relief!