Ayurveda--from India to America!

At the Ayurveda clinic in India, studying again is rich. When not in clinic, I'm working through a 1,400 year old Sanskrit text.

I'm seeing acute as well as chronic disorders: hypertension, diabetes, asthma, migraines, and country stuff like thorns in eyeballs, cuts right down to the bone, falls from great heights. All cared for using natural, holistic methods.

Even though the cultural context for this work is across the globe from my home clinic, the principles of Ayurveda is transferable to anyone, anywhere, in any culture. Dr. Ashwin has highlighted the point, telling me, "Summer is summer here, and summer is summer there. We may look different, but on the inside, we are all the same." Ayurveda is Ayurveda in India, at home or wherever we may find ourselves. It is not a Hindu or Buddhist thing. It is not a vegetarian or non-vegetarian thing. It's a human thing. 

Ayurveda is an ancient, yet rigorous science based on unchanging principles of Nature employed with a sophistication that boggles the mind. That's how Dr. Ashwin is able to successfully treat complicated disorders, even those which conventional medicine cannot help.