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Acupuncture with Chinese, Tibetan & Ayurvedic Herbalism

Ritual Health acupuncture, herbalism, moxibustion and nutritional counseling are available for adults and children with Anne Shelton Crute, L.Ac. at two clinic locations in the San Francisco East Bay: Albany, CA and Berkeley, CA.  

Initial appointment fees are $130, follow-ups are $90. Inquire directly about Japanese facial rejuvenation. Cash, check and major credit cards accepted.

Click to schedule an appointment or call 510.671.1370.

Women's Health

Acupuncture is excellent support through every phase of a woman's life. Anne Shelton Crute, L.Ac. is experienced with a wide range of women's health concerns ranging from menstrual issues and fertility to pregnancy all the way to menopause. Patients complaining of menstrual pain, cycle irregularity, hormonal headaches or complications related to IUDs generally get good results with acupuncture.

Perinatal acupuncture treatments are offered within the Pacifica birth center office in Berkeley, CA. Early pregnancy concerns such as morning sickness, acid reflux, and insomnia are treated. Likewise, late pregnancy issues such as pain, stress management, and induction are available. Anne also works with couples dealing with fertility, pregnancy loss and recovery. Embryo transfer support can be arranged at your fertility clinic pre- and post-transfer. 

Click to schedule an appointment or call 510.671.1370. Fertility patients interested in Embryo Transfer support should inquire directly.

Chinese Polestar Astrology

Polestar Astrology, aka Zi Wei Dou Shu or Purple Star Astrology is a traditional, Song dynasty Chinese method based in Daoist and Confucian thought which Anne studied with Liu Ming. Individual readings help us understand our unique qi flow related to the greater, interconnected cycles of qi. Learn about your character and fate patterns based on your birth time and place.

Individual natal/transit sessions are offered on a sliding scale around $200; couples/family readings slide around $300.

To schedule a Polestar astrology reading, direct inquiries to Anne at 510.671.1370.

Based on metadata from 255 clinical trials,
the World Health Organization (WHO) classified more than
100 indications for acupuncture, including:

addiction, allergies, anxiety, asthma, bell's palsy, biliary colic, chemotherapy side effects, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, craniocerebral injury, depression, diabetes mellitus, dysentery, dysmenorrhea, earache, epigastralgia, facial pain/spasm, fibromyalgia, fasciitis, gout, headache, herpes, hypertension, hypotension, induction of labor, infertility, insomnia, knee pain, labor pain, lactation deficiency, leukopenia,
low back pain, malposition of fetus, Meniere's disease, morning sickness, nausea & vomiting, neck pain, neuralgia, obesity,
osteoarthritis, pain associated with cancer, pain due to dentistry, peptic ulcer, PCOS, postoperative pain, PMS, prostatitis, pruritus,
Raynaud's syndrome, recurrent UTI, renal colic, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, schizophrenia, Sjogren's syndrome,
sexual dysfunction, sore throat, stroke, TMJ, tennis elbow, tobacco dependence, vascular dementia