Sports Medicine Broth

Acupuncture provides effective relief for joint pain, both chronic and acute. Sometimes joint injuries stall out in their healing if the resources are lacking in the blood necessary for thorough physical repair. This is where herbal supplementation comes in. With herbal formulas, we can target areas of trauma and bring specific nutrition to speed or complete the natural healing process, whether it is knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain or any other joint.

In China, families frequently consume meals spiked with a little of this medicinal herb or that to enhance health. The elder population commonly drinks a side broth containing Du Zhong to accompany meals. This herb is a specific for helping remedy musculoskeletal concerns and offset aging. Because it is strong (and doesn't taste exactly awesome), it can be used for a week every month or so to help keep the joints strong and limber for seniors. Younger people can use it to repair and injury on and off for several months.

Using a side broth to accompany meals even without the herbs can be an excellent way to benefit health and digestion. It's easy make broth cheaply at home. This method maximizes the nutritional content of the bones and will allow you to extract collagen and minerals from the bone, making a very absorbable broth. Swap out these herbs for whatever is indicated for your condition. Have fun!

Sports Medicine Bone Broth
(veggie option below)

9g Du Zhong
9g Niu Xi
1/2 lb pork spine or other joints (cut up by butcher to reveal marrow), vegetarians can make it with veggie broth instead
1/2 cup white wine or sake
3-4 large slices of ginger

Rinse bones and place in cold water in a medium to large pot. Bring up to heat, avoiding a full rolling boil. Skim impurities that rise to the surface at this point.

Add ginger and white wine, cooking 4-6 hours at a bare simmer or less. Cook in herbs for the last 2 hours. Strain and salt to taste. Take 1/2-1 cup (depending on how concentrated your result) as side broth with meals, 2x/day for 7 days. 

Depending on the cut of bone you use, there may be a thick layer of fat that rises to the top and solidifies upon refrigeration. This can be spooned off and used in in your other cooking. 

Vegetarians: Make decoction of herbs with water for about 2 hours. Add veggies scraps as you would to make veggie broth for last 40 minutes. Serve.