Prayer Flags

Things to do when you are grieving:

#1. Lie in bed for several weeks. Check.

#2. Start small. Integrate. Try to remember to eat. Stare at the wall or out the window a bunch. Stagger outside, stare at a tree, the sky, stagger back in. Just don't move to fast or go too far. Don't buffer the pain. The reason it hurts so much is because there is so much love abound in the first place: for the lost loved one, within the family, within the community.... You get the idea. This part seems to take awhile.

#3. Make prayer flags. 135 feet or so of them.

It's easy enough.

Buy cheap fabric. Cut it into whatever size you like. (Mine are 5 x 6in.) Pick a meaningful symbol and get to work with Sharpies. I picked runes that a traditional teacher taught me. But, I also made a few sets with Sanskrit to give as gifts.  This is the "prayer" part of "prayer flags." Pay attention while you write. Saturate in the meaning.

Sew it on the cheapest bias tape you can find with a zigzag stitch. It helps to measure and sew the lengths of bias tape together first so you don't have to start and stop. Then, you can sew and sew. (Or, cry and cry.) Another opportunity to pay attention, to saturate, etc.

The bias tape folds naturally over the top of the flag. Leave some long ends to make it easy to tie up. They roll up nicely to give as gifts.